The 7 Day Trim!
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Are you a busy woman that is tired of counting macros & cutting out carbs but still wanting to trim down your waist? 
The 7 Day Trim Mini Meal Plan is designed so you can eat without restricting foods you love. Giving variety with simple and tasty recipes that will make real food work for real life, for real results. This sample meal plan focuses on whole foods but allowing you some tasty treats. Giving you a break from calorie counting & macro breakdowns, so you can just enjoy your food and start trimming your waist! It takes the math and stress out of eating so your body can release that unwanted weight.  
  •  15 Simple Healthy Recipes
  •  11 Snack Ideas
  •  3 Balanced Meals Daily
  •  Substitution List
  •  Vegan Options

4 Instructional Videos

You won't need to ask "now what" once you start!  These 4 videos will be in the newsletter to support you and guide you to making this a more customized experience.  
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