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A Healthy & Simple Way to Getting the Body You Want!
Vibe Lifestyle helps women get results in a healthy and simple way!  It brings like minded women together to help one another achieve all our goals!  Vibe gives women ALL the tools to succeed!  Giving them the body they want and helping them maintain it for LIFE!
A Note From Your Coach
I'm your coach, Carmen Shawn! Your motivator, your biggest fan & your supporter. I will believe in you continuously until & long after you start believing in yourself. 
I'm a body positive advocate & self-love junkie! Proving to women everywhere that when you feel better, you look better!
Vibe Lifestyle isn't just your solution to having the body you want, it is a community & a movement I created so you have the support of like minded women every day!  

My 28 years in the health & fitness industry plus my personal experience struggling & overcoming body challenges, is what brought me to creating VIBE. I know what it is like to struggle with food & your body. I wanted to give women access to a program that allows them to thrive. A healthy solution to eating, exercise & creating a positive mindset so you sustain the results you get. I'm not just a coach, I'm a woman who understands your struggles & worries. I provide compassion, support & honesty.

Click here to find out more about me & how I can help you get the body you want! 

I'm really looking forward to sharing this journey with you!
Bonnie Flemmington, MBA, CNP, RNCP 
Bonnie is a Certified Nutritionist and speaker. She runs online and corporate group wellness programs, and works with individual clients specializing in balancing weight and hormones, reducing inflammation, and increasing energy. Bonnie’s great passion is in creating a personalized system for her clients so they know exactly what food, lifestyle and supplement strategies they need to achieve greater health outcomes.
Feel free to contact Bonnie if you have any specialized needs:
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