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5 Reasons Why Your Diet is Failing You
Written by Carmen Shawn
Diets can work… at first. We will see weight-loss and some changes… until we don’t.    
Then one day, you stop seeing results. You feel tired and lethargic. You haven’t had a proper #2 in days and you feel super unmotivated. The excitement you had at the beginning......
How To Play The Hunger Game & Win!
Written by Carmen Shawn
To play the hunger game and win, you need to learn how to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.
But first, why is emotional hunger versus physical hunger important and what’s the difference?
The Truth About Cellulite
Written by Carmen Shawn
As women we are unfairly cursed with having more problems with cellulite than men. 
There are a few reasons for this. First off don't believe all the BS posts and articles saying you can beat cellulite with their glute exercises and .....
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