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"’I'm learning a lot and I’m really enjoying the program. I find your videos quite powerful. Anytime I have a doubt about myself or the process, you anticipate these doubts and address it in your videos. So we’re always reminded to trust ourselves, have compassion, and focus on the journey.
Before this I never really journaled, it is such a small effort that has made a big difference in being aware of myself and my body."
- Alie Donnelly
"Right from the beginning I had more energy, I didn't have any cravings and never wanted to "just quit" because it was hard. Carmen makes this program easy to follow, fun and helps you through every step of the way. 
I cant wait to continue my journey through this lifestyle change. My mind and mental clarity has now changed for the better and my eating habits and tummy troubles have significantly improved as well.."
- ashley Kruegar
"I was introduced to Vibe and my ultimate goals were to lose weight, tone my body and learn how to eat properly without dieting. But I learned so much more. The home workouts are perfect for me and really enjoy the options and the guidance from them. I’m doing more reps and increasing my weights and my body is looking amazing- especially my stomach- I cant stop looking at it. "
- Darlene Walchuk
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